What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning helps remove stains and clean deeply each piece of clothing made out of natural fibers. It will not alternate its quality, its lifetime nor its appearance.

Bring it by 11am Ready by 4:30pm

on regular cleaning

Succeeding to provide quality and customized service in our own unique way keeping in mind your demands and needs.


In 1945 the honourable, now deceased, Mr. Jean Bedard opened the doors of his fashion workshop in downtown St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. In the early 1950s he decided to rent a bigger premises where he began to offer dry cleaning service to business men and women in the area. It’s only a few years later that he settled in the building at the current location, corner of St-Charles and Champlain street. With the ever present demand increase, Mr. Bedard doubled the size of the current work space to what it is today. Being visionary for his time, Mr Bédard even offered drive thru pick up service to help out those busy customers!

Having worked for many years together with his father, Mr. Luc Bedard graduated with honors from College Marie Victorin in custom tailoring. It was in 1982 that Mr. Bedard alongside his wife, Ms. Josee Bedard, acquired the existing family business and took over. Freshly graduated also from APNB (Association professionnelle des Nettoyeurs et Buandiers du Québec) and looking for expansion, Mr. Bedard decided to open a counter located at 310 Boulevard St-Luc in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Therefore, in December 1990 the new branch was born and it highly elevated the amount of clothing that was cleaned every day. The service slogan “Bring it by 11am Ready by 4:30pm – on regular cleaning” had been established at the same time and is a notable point in the current company’s identity.

Constantly looking for new opportunities, Luc and Josee decided to diversify into disaster recovery cleaning; which is inevitably an adequate complement. Proud members of GUS (lien externe) since 1993, Les Ateliers Bédard inc. was able to turn over the years to acquire a significant market share in the field of dry cleaning and laundry for disaster recovery cleaning. The involvement, dynamism and relentlessness of these two allowed them to receive honors of excellence such as the Diamond Award the highest possible performance you can get within GUS association. A breathe of fresh air made its entrance in late 2012, when their eldest daughter, Marie-Eve Bedard, joined the team to help continue building this already firmly installed institution in the region. Over the past years, Marie-Eve acquired academic experiences in several areas, allowing her to bring a fresh perspective on management, to renew our business practices and to keep us current and looking towards the future of the dry cleaning industry for this 3rd generation family business. In April 2017 she specialized in the dry cleaning notions by attending the International Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute in Washington, USA.

Opportunity knocks on their doors again during the year of 2016. They decided to grow their market share and open a third location on Iberville Boulevard in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. This expansion is profitable and projects just keeps on coming. The Bedard family is involved and are influential business people in the community of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which aims first and foremost at the quality of their current services while keeping an eye towards the future.

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