What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning helps remove stains and clean deeply each piece of clothing made out of natural fibers. It will not alternate its quality, its lifetime nor its appearance.

Bring it by 11am Ready by 4:30pm

on regular cleaning

Succeeding to provide quality and customized service in our own unique way keeping in mind your demands and needs.


  • All kinds of repair by sewing can be done on the spot by our professional and experienced tailors
  • Alterations done on a variety of material (cotton, wool, polyester, silk, etc) including delicate ones such as leather and suede
  • For an intimate comfort the dressing rooms are separate
  • Creative ideas to find the better suitable way to repair properly any clothing
  • Examples :
    • Pants: length, zippers, bottons, jeans’ holes
    • Jackets: zippers, arms’ length, button, hole, bottom length, inside lining, elbows’ patch
    • Dressed shirts: arms’ length or bottom length, button, tear
    • Dresses/Skirts: length, chest, waist, loop, strap, slip, tear
    • Drapes/Conforters: length, tear, hooks’ finishing holes

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